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Places in Papua New Guinea with UM

Search and find places in Papua New Guinea with first letters UM.

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Alphabetical index of places in Papua New Guinea with UM

There are 37 places in Papua New Guinea beginning with 'UM' (in alphabetical order).
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Um   to   Umwate
Places in Papua New Guinea with UM
Um Um1.Sandaun Sandaun-
Uma Uma2.Southern Highlands Southern Highlands-
Umabibi Umabibi3.Western Province Western Province-
Umanap Umanap4.Sandaun Sandaun-
Umasa Umasa5.Eastern Highlands Eastern Highlands-
Umasia Umasia6.Gulf Gulf-
Umba Umba7.Morobe Morobe-
Umba Umba8.Morobe Morobe-
Umbera Umbera9.East Sepik East Sepik-
Umberam Umberam10.Southern Highlands Southern Highlands-
Umbi Umbi11.West New Britain West New Britain-
Umbianggauma Number 1 Umbianggauma Number 112.Chimbu Chimbu-
Umbimi Umbimi13.Southern Highlands Southern Highlands-
Umbo Umbo14.Madang Madang-
Umboldi Umboldi15.Madang Madang-
Umboworo Umboworo16.Northern Province Northern Province-
Umbrori Umbrori17.East Sepik East Sepik-
Umbukul Umbukul18.New Ireland New Ireland-
Umbunantap Umbunantap19.Western Province Western Province-
Umdamna Umdamna20.Morobe Morobe-
Umdi Umdi21.Gulf Gulf-
Ume Ume22.Western Province Western Province-
Umeda Hamlets Umeda Hamlets23.Sandaun Sandaun-
Umfokmin Umfokmin24.Sandaun Sandaun-
Uminufintenu Uminufintenu25.Eastern Highlands Eastern Highlands-
Umoa Umoa26.East New Britain East New Britain-
Umoni Umoni27.Milne Bay Milne Bay-
Umu Umu28.West New Britain West New Britain-
Umudu Umudu29.New Ireland New Ireland-
Umugau Umugau30.Central Province Central Province-
Umuim Umuim31.Madang Madang-
Umum Umum32.Bougainville Bougainville-
Umun Umun33.Madang Madang-
Umunoka Umunoka34.East Sepik East Sepik-
Umus Umus35.West New Britain West New Britain-
Umwate Umwate36.Northern Province Northern Province-
Umwate Umwate37.Northern Province Northern Province-

1 - 37 of 37 places