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Places in Papua New Guinea with SA

Search and find places in Papua New Guinea with first letters SA.

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Alphabetical index of places in Papua New Guinea with SA

There are 244 places in Papua New Guinea beginning with 'SA' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in Papua New Guinea with SA
Sa Sa1.Madang Madang-
Sabama EBCO Sabama EBCO2.National Capital National Capital-
Sabarar Sabarar3.East Sepik East Sepik-
Sabasigi Sabasigi4.Western Province Western Province-
Sabdidi Sabdidi5.West New Britain West New Britain-
Sabero Sabero6.Madang Madang-
Sabetara Sabetara7.Central Province Central Province-
Sabi Sabi8.Madang Madang-
Sabig Sabig9.Sandaun Sandaun-
Sabiga Sabiga10.Sandaun Sandaun-
Sabiri Sabiri11.Eastern Highlands Eastern Highlands-
Sabiya Sabiya12.Eastern Highlands Eastern Highlands-
Sabon Number 1 Sabon Number 113.Manus Manus-
Sabon Number 2 Sabon Number 214.Manus Manus-
Sabtei Sabtei15.Sandaun Sandaun-
Sabu Sabu16.Madang Madang-
Sabuia Sabuia17.Central Province Central Province-
Sabuiona Sabuiona18.Milne Bay Milne Bay-
Sabusa Sabusa19.Central Province Central Province-
Sadou Sadou20.Morobe Morobe-
Safaiyufa Safaiyufa21.Eastern Highlands Eastern Highlands-
Safia Safia22.Northern Province Northern Province-
Safibi Safibi23.Western Province Western Province-
Safifi Safifi24.Morobe Morobe-
Safifi Safifi25.Morobe Morobe-
Sag Sag Sag Sag26.West New Britain West New Britain-
Saga Saga27.Northern Province Northern Province-
Saga'aho Saga’aho28.Milne Bay Milne Bay-
Sagaiyo Sagaiyo29.Morobe Morobe-
Sagamaisal Sagamaisal30.Northern Province Northern Province-
Sagami Sagami31.Western Province Western Province-
Sagara Sagara32.Milne Bay Milne Bay-
Sagaredigi Sagaredigi33.Southern Highlands Southern Highlands-
Sagasi Sagasi34.East Sepik East Sepik-
Sagasia Sagasia35.Western Province Western Province-
Sagere Sagere36.Northern Province Northern Province-
Sagero Sagero37.Western Province Western Province-
Sagio Sagio38.Chimbu Chimbu-
Sagunai Sagunai39.Western Province Western Province-
Saha Saha40.Manus Manus-
Sahali Sahali41.East Sepik East Sepik-
Sahalil Sahalil42.East New Britain East New Britain-
Sahik Sahik43.East Sepik East Sepik-
Sai Sai44.Madang Madang-
Saidor Saidor45.Madang Madang-
Saigo Number 1 Saigo Number 146.Chimbu Chimbu-
Saigo Number 2 Saigo Number 247.Chimbu Chimbu-
Saihi Saihi48.West New Britain West New Britain-
Saiho Saiho49.Northern Province Northern Province-
Saiko Saiko50.Morobe Morobe-

1 - 50 of 244 places
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